My Art Space.jpg

I love making art because it brings me to a very present and soothing space. My favorite thing about my art is that it really makes itself. I like to just let go and let myself move paint around until all the space is filled. After I take time to look at the painting I am always surprised so see creatures and elementals popping up everywhere. For example, you can see some faces above!

My paintings look a lot like the places I see when I find myself in deep meditation. When I mediate long enough and can silence my mind, I open up to a wild and soothing space of colors and designs. In time I have grown to believe that I am bringing energy from higher dimensions into this dimension. Just like the many others who share their divine gifts.

My paintings are well intended and wish to bring peace, healing, and change to this world. I have seen them bring transformational healing to my life and loved ones and we want to share this energy with you.

Thank you for being here!